35 Things that sum up my life in Japan

  1. Arriving in Japan like tumblr_inline_nzg2k301Nq1s8xuq8_500
  2. The face I make when I don’t understand something aichan-tumblr_mkes0nYVJl1rq07mvo2_500
  3. School on Saturdays
  4. Asking my parents for more spending money Attachment-1-47
  5. Explaining the realities of my life back in America tumblr_ns3tncbm8w1ubsd2ho2_250
  6. When I finally got my hands on some American pizza happycry
  7. Showing up on the first day of school like hillary-tumblr_nc2low04Gc1ryifqpo1_400
  8. “American food or Japanese food?” IP73r
  9. When I catch someone staring at me on the street jurina-tumblr_nssbooavpv1qgl74uo1_400
  10. Meeting the other exchange students at orientation kajol-tumblr_nzu3a0my861rwbf4ro1_540
  11. Studying kanji Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.07.23 PM
  12. Everyone at school gunning for me to join their club vpY74iS
  13. Finding out I have to pay for my AFS phone myself meimei-non-tumblr_n77mhbx1Ml1s3gugyo2_400
  14. Teaching my classmates English slang Messages Image(430307077)
  15. Trying to understand Japanese comedy like Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.39.41 PM
  16. Hanging out with the squad at school THEARK-tumblr_nolok5bs011ttxwq8o1_400
  17. When senpai notices me tumblr_nubyknclWQ1tk7vg4o1_250
  18. “You have to give a speech” tumblr_nnslauMKBl1r9pt1so2_r1_500.gif
  19. When I embarrass myself for the millionth time wendy-tumblr_o1be78XlEj1ti860jo7_r1_400
  20. Learning to apologize with style tumblr_o85lsoHZDH1v4ur0zo5_400
  21. Getting tickets to see AKB48 tumblr_mf4dwlP94B1qc8jh0o1_500
  22. Video-chatting with my family tumblr_m5gxdafr1P1rysf20o1_500(1)_zps6dad31b2
  23. Pretending to follow along with a conversation but really having zero idea what’s happening tumblr_ntxf8oE4np1r3rdh2o2_500
  24. Going to an all-girls school tumblr_nrbnoerysY1tdassfo4_540
  25. Realizing I’ve been using a word wrong for months and no one’s said anything tumblr_mk8lcmU9x41rqclbno1_400.gif
  26. “Do you like anything other than AKB48?” tumblr_mjplrrw8jN1qkvrevo3_500.jpg
  27. Finding friends who are into the same stuff as I am tumblr_nnixpsDi0Z1qzh5sno10_400
  28. “You like anime right?” tumblr_inline_o0majwzlFE1qbucq4_540
  29. Seeing another foreigner in public tumblr_nc4mpxj5tT1tdb2mvo5_400.gif
  30. “Why did you come to Japan?” tumblr_n2g6413Ige1rj4auwo1_500.gif
  31. Me when I’m lost tumblr_inline_o1nf7iwBOI1t1ymv6_500.gif
  32. Remembering I have to go home in February tumblr_nohcpcFkI61s3tqw9o4_540
  33. Watching my bukatsu perform tumblr_inline_nzgr5w2bDz1rnlggv_500
  34. When somebody asks if their English is right but I suddenly can’t remember English tumblr_inline_ny3ed0qPkN1r0wtxp_540
  35. Remembering that I’m in Japan and it’s amazing tumblr_nr1tj3nVTQ1qad5kio1_250

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