This time around I’m going to be writing about a drama I watched. It’s only natural to write about a drama considering my life revolves around TV. It was too hot to do much of anything, so today I decided to lie in bed and feel sorry for myself. The drama I watched was this:

‘SHE’ (2015) no relation to ‘Her’ that movie about that dude who falls in love with his computer

‘She’ is a really, really short drama. More of a mini-series, it’s only five episodes long. The story revolves around high-school student Ryoko (Mayu Matsuoka) looking into the disappearance of one of her classmates, Azusa (played by Ayami ‘Aya’ Nakajo whom I adore) and the discovery that she may be more than she seems.

The plot of ‘She’ is really similar to that of a movie called ‘The World of Kanako’ which also involves the disappearance of a seemingly unassuming high-school girl (and also has a cameo by Aoi!). However, where ‘The World of Kanako’ was graphic to the point of me quitting halfway through, ‘She’ pleasantly surprised me by being devoid of the gore and nihilism that I’ve come to expect from most Japanese content that isn’t strictly censored for television. Although I appreciate the lack of melancholia, I think it may also have gone too far the other direction. For a show about a missing teenager, the tone was almost cheerful. This may have been in part to some rather poor musical choices (in my opinion). The soundtrack was good overall, but would have been more fitting in a less serious drama.


Aoi Morikawa in ‘SHE’, her character is so adorable 😍

I decided to watch this drama for several reasons; all of them being Aoi Morikawa. She is my favorite Japanese actress, but is rather underrated and most of her dramas are hard to find, so when I found ‘She’ online I immediately jumped at the opportunity to watch it. I have to confess, I don’t know a thing about acting so unless they are really bad I can’t really tell if someone is no good or not, but I was really pleased with Aoi’s acting in this. I was also happy to see Aya again. I became a fan of both Aoi and Aya after seeing them in ‘Fatal Frame’ so it was nice to see them together again even if their characters didn’t interact much. No one in this drama stood out to me as being particularly awful at acting, which I’m glad about. I hate when someone’s bad acting throws off the entire feel of a show…


Aoi & Aya in ‘Fatal Frame’ (2014) and ‘SHE’ (2015)

All in all, I liked ‘She’ a lot. I loved how short it was and I can never resist a good mystery. The show itself was really straightforward and had a small cast, so it was easy to follow without being overly convoluted – something that you don’t come across often in dramas. You should definitely watch it if you get the chance, you can watch it here or on Japanese Netflix.


Me and Aoi 😆😍

Me and Aoi 😆😍

Japanese song recommendation for the summer: